GNSS : Principles, Augmentation and Evolutions of EGNOS (2/2)


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2. Navigation Service for the CAA

General consideration on navigation , Operational requirements and strategy.

• Different phase of flight (En-route, TMA, approach and landing) , Notion of general Navigation errors,

• Required Navigation performance overview and operation benefits,

• Introduction to the Policy of Augmentation of Accuracy , Availability , Integrity (ABAS,GBAS,SBAS,RAIM,EGNOS ...),

• Landing phase (non-precision, precision),

• RNAV. Concept,

• PBN concept (Performance Based Navigation).

3. Safety of Life Services in Satellite Navigation (present and emerging technologies)

General consideration on EGNOS , WAAS , Operational requirements and strategy.

  • Introduction to the notion of safety of life, and its requirement for Navigation,

  • Benefits of an SBAS System for aviation Open Service, safety of life, commercial Data service,

  • Concept of Basic system of Augmentation in SBAS strategy,

  • Presentation of EGNOS principle and performances on the Open Service(OS), on the Safety Of Life(SOL) and on the Cockpit Demo Development System (CDDS),

  • Extension of EGNOS on an enlarged area of the earth planet,

  • Study case of improvement of the coverage for the Core area of Africa.

4. Demonstration and Simulations on the simulator or equipment device of ENAC

Demonstration in “Direction Technique de l'Innovation” of French DSNA , or in French company (Thales , Astrium , CNES , Egnos Safety of Life Provider in ESSP).

Hands-on illustration will be proposed based on operational or simulation tools located at ENAC, the French DSNA/DTI/R&D, or at one of the main GNSS-related companies in Toulouse area.

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