GNSS Integrity for Civil Aviation


This course provides a solid foundation of GNSS integrity for civil aviation applications. It starts with an overview of civil aviation requirement. To ensure the levels required for various phases of flight, different architectures to augment the basic constellations have been defined. These augmentation systems (RAIM, GPS/INS, SBAS and GBAS) and especially the way they provide integrity monitoring are described. This course concludes with Galileo GIC overview.


Engineers and executives.


Integrity requirements & monitoring for civil aviation applications
Ground based Augmentation System
  • GBAS typical architecture and implementation

  • GBAS correction, integrity message

  • Protection levels computation

Satellite Based Augmentation System
  • SBAS typical architecture and implementation

  • SBAS correction, integrity message

  • Protection levels computation

Airborne Based Augmentation System
  • RAIM

  • AAIM

  • Integrity monitoring structure

  • Integrity message

  • User algorithm

For information only : 12 hours