Differential GNSS


This course emphasizes the fundamentals of differential GNSS baseline techniques with focus on DGPS and an introduction to DGPS RTK applications. The course will explore the various error mitigation techniques and methods for improving the navigation to submeter and high-precision positioning.

Performance aspects with respect to accuracy, integrity, continuity, and availability will be presented.

The course concludes with an overview of available differential available.


Engineers and executives.


Differential GNSS Concept
  • Correlated Errors

  • Uncorrelated Errors

Code Phase Differential Techniques


Precise differential techniques
  • Carrier phase ambiguity resolution

  • Multi-frequency advantages

  • Algorithms for Integer Ambiguity Searches as the key for precise positioning

Error sources of RTK and their mitigation
  • Antenna phase center variations (absolute & relative)

  • Tropospheric residual errors

  • Ionospheric residual error

Overview of differential services available
  • Space Based Augmentation Systems (e.g., WAAS, EGNOS, etc.)

  • Commercial services

For information only : 12 hours