GNSS for Civil Aviation (2/2)


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Airborne Based Augmentation System
  • RAIM: example Least Square Residual Method: Least Squares Position Solution, Detection criterion, Protection levels computation

  • RAIM Algorithm specifications from high level requirements: Threat model, False alert, Missed detection

  • AAIM: Hybridisation with onboard sensors: example GPS/IRS

Satellite Based Augmentation System
  • Differential GPS Concept

  • SBAS typical architecture and implementation

  • SBAS correction, integrity message

  • Protection levels computation

Ground based Augmentation System,
  • GBAS typical architecture and implementation

  • GBAS correction, integrity message

  • Protection levels computation

Lab on GNSS Augmentations
  • Use of local network

  • Use of EGNOS or WAAS

  • Integrity computation

Modernized GPS and GALILEO
  • Modifications and improvements brought by the future GNSSs

  • GALILEO GIC: Integrity monitoring structure, Integrity message, User algorithm

  • International cooperation necessary to the deployment of the future systems

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