Introductory Course : propagation overview, antennas design, micro-waves circuits

The training deals with the theory of propagation, antennas, and microwave.


  • Apprehend the medium transport for the transmission of information in the context of Global positioning with Satellite but also in any other application concerning by microwave communication like surveillance, conventional Navigation, voice exchange in CNS/ATM.

  • Many examples will be given in the context of the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) , that represents the standard generic notions for satellite navigation systems, providing autonomous geo-spatial positioning.

  • An Introduction to the design system tools in electromagnetism will be handled and set.


Engineers and executives.


1. Propagation ion apllied to CNS systems :
  • Propagation in free space.

  • Propagation in the presence of diffracting objects.

  • Propagation in the troposphere.

  • Propagation in the ionosphere.

  • Design tools, simulation and demos.

2. Antennas :
  • General.

  • Small antennas.

  • Arrays antennas.

  • Reflector antennas.

  • Antenna measurements.

  • Design tools, simulation and Demos.

3. Microwave circuits :
  • General.

  • Fundamental concepts in lines, cavities and filters.

  • Noise.

  • Linearity of an element.

  • Active elements.

  • Technologies used.

  • Design and simulation tools.

4. Presentation of Software/Tools in R.F Technics :
  • ADS (Advanced Design System) : oriented for object target dimension inferior or closed the wave-length.

  • MUSICA (Multi-path Simulator for Civil Aviation) : oriented for Object Target dimension superior to wave-length.

  • HFSS : High Frequency Structure System : oriented for object target dimension inferior to wave-length.

For information only : 42 hours