Non-Aeronautical Satellite Positioning Applications


Analyse the existing and potential needs for localisation, navigation and dating and survey in the domain that are not directly linked with the aeronautical ATM/CNS Domain.

So the field of the civil Transport (Road Transport, Land, sea, rail), geodesics and farming-agriculture application will be explored. The necessary needs of high precision of the Military and Geodesy area will be also explained.


Engineers and executives.


1. Utilisation of satellites In transport :
  • Localisation aspect.

  • Localisation used in navigation.

  • Localisation for vehicle tracking.

  • Telecommunications aspect.

  • Observation aspect.

  • Examples of Survey.

2. Terrestrial and civil applications :
  • Fleet management.

  • Public transport surveillance.

  • Maritime navigation.

  • Guidance systems with or without traffic information.

  • Marking (trains, wagons, containers , etc.).

  • Examples of Survey.

3. Applications in the field of agriculture :
  • Positioning of agricultural vehicles.

  • Precision farming.

  • Agricultural foodstuffs transport management.

4. Geodesic applications.
5. Military applications.
6. Base Data Base of Map Issue.
7. Mini-project.

For information only : 34 hours