CNS System-Navigation - Navigation Services in Civil Aviation : ConventionalNavaids, GNSS (ABAS, GBAS, SBAS, GALILEO)


Analysis of the Navigation needs of aeronautics, and demonstration that their evolution requires the implementation of global solutions with satellite component. Overview of the techniques of navigation deployed in Europe and around the world. Navigation generic requirement for systems (Conventional Nav Aids and GNSS), recommended by OACI, and the operational requirements (RNAV.RNP, PBN criteria).

There is a full review of satellite augmentations in Navigation domain.The course ends with a view of future GNSS developments including a discussion on GALILEO.


Engineers and executives.

This course is designed for anyone wishing to have a broad understanding of navigation technique (from the conventional nav-aids and the future one) , their currents limitations , and what the next decade may bring.


1. General consideration on navigation and Operational requirements :
  • Navigation and different phase of flight. Notion of general Navigation errors.

  • Landing phase (non-precision, precision).

  • RNAV. Concept.

  • Requirement Navigation performance overview and operation benefits.

  • PBN concept (Performance Based Navigation).

2. Conventional navigation Systems :
  • Presentation of the main technical function of VOR, NDB, DME.

  • Principle of functioning of ILS, MLS.

  • Description of characteristics of LORAN/C LORAN.

  • Inertial Navigation system (INS).

3. ICAO and the GNSS Concept :
  • The basic Requirement of ICAO.

  • The technical answer of augmentation : ABAS, GBAS, SBAS.

4. On-board augmentation technique (ABAS) :
  • RAIM functions.

  • AAIM functions.

5. Augmentation based on satellites (SBAS) :
  • EGNOS.

  • WAAS.

6. Augmentation based on ground stations (GBAS) :
  • GBAS/Cat I.

  • GBAS/CAT II and III.

7. Navigation and interference.
8. International terrestrial reference systems : the needs and the principles.
9. GNSS – Description of the next constellation for positioning and other services : GALILEO.
10. Demos and practical on GNSS System.

For information only  : 52 hours