Safety Management in CNS/ATM

This module is partly common (7 days) with the module from AATM Master - AATM08


  • Knowledge of bases and stakes of Safety Management in the ATM domain, and to develop participants' ability to accept and oversight, or to implement and operate, Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Knowledge of the key safety assessment process for ATM changes, including relationships with system engineering process, and to develop participants' ability to conduct safety studies and to build safety cases.


Engineers and executives.


1. Safety Management in the ATM domain

Efficient Safety Management is a new challenge for the worldwide air navigation community, and especially for the ATM services providers.

Recent ICAO performance-based regulation (SARPs, Annex 11) has established the framework for ATM providers to implement and operate Safety Management Systems (SMS) and for States to develop and maintain Safety Programs (SSP).

The focus will be done on the ICA0 regulation framework and on the actual international safety management best-practises. The course will be centered on numerous study cases. The main contents are:

  • the need for safety management

  • basic principles of risk management and stakes for safety management

  • safety management regulation : State's Safety Program (SSP), Safety Management Systems (SMS)

2. Safety Assessment of ATM changes

The safety assessment of changes to ATM system is a key activity of the Safety Management System of an ATM services provider. The associated process outcome key results for the go/delay decision about the entry into service of such ATM changes.

The focus will be done on the actual international best-practises of safety assessment, within the ICAO and EUROCONTROL regulation frameworks, and the course will be centred on numerous study cases. The main contents are:

  • ATM changes and overall safety assessment process

  • Safety Plan

  • Functional Hazard Assessment (FHA)

  • Preliminary System Safety Assessment (PSSA)

  • System Safety Assessment (SSA) , cases and safety monitoring.

Lecturers :

Experts from DGAC, ENAC, Air France, Egis Avia, Airbus, Thales, Altran.

Methods :

Courses, Hands-on, industrial study cases.

For information only : 59 hours