GPS and Satellite Constellations for Navigation


Fundamental knowledge on satellite-based localisation, with a progress to the required performance by the aeronautical participating users. The R.F principle and detail of the GPS characterisation will be explored. The signal structure and signal processing techniques will be detailed. The interest of the augmentation of performances, proposed by the DGPS will be showed and explained. Those formations introduces also the present and future constellations of the satellite that deal with the Navigation purpose.


Engineers and executives.


1. GPS System Description :
  • Basic radio-navigation measurements and principles : distance, velocity, time. Principe of measurement of solution of navigation.

  • Four Satellite ranging system Principle.

  • Military/Civil dual use.

  • Time and coordinates reference system.

2. GPS Architecture and Technique :
  • GPS : space , control and users segments. GPS Architecture.

  • Signal structure : frequencies, multiple access technique, spread spectrum technique, Code C/A , P(Y).

  • GPS Data Message.

  • GPS receivers : antenna, Block Diagram, and architecture. Signal Processing.

  • Transmission channel : ionosphere and troposphere propagation properties, interferences, multipath, localisation Indoors.

  • Performances : D.O.P, Accuracy, Availability, Integrity, Continuity.

  • Correlation, Acquisition, tracking, impact of the perturbation on the tracking.

3. Differential techniques : DGPS
  • Principles of correction of common bias systematic error : code differential and phase differential techniques.

  • Performances.

  • Introduction to the Policy of Augmentation of Accuracy, Availability, Integrity (RAIM, EGNOS...)

4. Others Satellites Constellation for Navigation :
  • GLONASS, GALILEO, Modernized GPS.

5. Simulations and Labwork :
  • Navigation constellation session.

  • Receiver simulation session.

  • Multipath effect simulation session.

  • Code and phase simulation session.

For information only : 54 hours