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ENAC, Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile, aims at providing ab-initio and continuing education for managers, engineers and main actors in civil aviation field.

ENAC is a public institution under the supervision of French ministry in charge of transports.

Being the “Civil Aviation University”, ENAC offers a wide range of training course to meet the needs of Civil Aviation stakeholders, airlines, airports, ANSP, aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, ...

Continuing education at ENAC: a major activity

A huge part of ENAC activity is dedicated to continuing education.

The wide range of activity and the highly professional orientation of the courses contribute to make ENAC the main continuing education center, training 7 000 trainees a year, from all around the world in 400 different short courses.

A continually renewed offer

To be in line with continual evolution in aeronautical field, ENAC renews each year a substantial part of its offer.

Besides the proposed offer, implementation of tailor-made courses is a way to adjust to precise needs of Aviation field actors.

A full range of courses

ENAC has developed training offer in its field of competence: Air Traffic Control, CNS, Information Technology, Aeronautical technics, Safety & audit, Security, ...

International recognition

ENAC is well-known all around the world. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) takes up in its training directory a lot of training courses proposed by ENAC.

Moreover, ENAC is an AVSEC center for security courses.

A team at your service

Christophe BOQUEN

tél. 05 62 17 40 89

e-mail : formationcontinue@enac.fr


tél. 05 62 17 43 43

e-mail : formationcontinue@enac.fr


ENAC continuing education catalogue is also on the web.

In addition to courses description, you will find continuous updates (new sessions, dates changes, ...) and any additional information..